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We create films, shows and entertainment content with hyper realistic avatars.
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Each Avatar is an independent digital personality. We create him/her from scratch according to a pre-verified sketch.
We create any digital clothing, from experimental NFT to high-fashion couture models.
We are building virtual worlds that are capable to tell exciting stories.
We developed a flexible content production process. A combination of classic techniques and 3d graphics.
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How do your avatars differ from the constructors (DAZ3d, MetaHuman)?

We do not use the constructors. Unlike them, each of our avatars has its own unique sculpture and textures. This approach allows us to recreate any unique appearance. Our avatars are also adapted for animation and RealTime rendering without loss of quality and realism.

Can we produce the content ourselves?

Yes, you can. We provide all source code ready to create renders and videos. However, we recommend that you contact us for this =)

How long does it take to make an avatar?

From 30 to 45 work days.

Are you replicating the appearance of a real person?

Yes, and not just that =). We can create a perfect bio-digital replica of a person or invent a completely new identity from scratch.

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