A new era of content is upon us, and even the most imaginative advertising no longer surprises the audience. The new content must not only be vibrant but also interactive. It’s the time for the VTubers to take the stage.
Real-Time technologies blur the boundaries between the viewer and the vlogger, making you feel like you're interacting with a real person. All of this is possible thanks to advanced equipment and software available at our studio.
Motion Technologies
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Real-Time avatars will absolutely rock any event! Imagine interactive virtual streams, performances, conferences, or presentations. The appearance of a virtual human will create a buzz and convey your ideas to the audience on a new level.
Tailor made Sensations
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Traditional advertising takes months of preparation, filming, and post-production. VTubers content is created in just one day. After the avatar is created, the actor connects to the costume and is ready to engage with viewers in Real-Time.
one day Content
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Real time avatars can change their appearance, react to comments, and trigger special effects in real-time. All these actions are tied to gaming mechanics and incredibly engage your viewers in the process!
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