RND laboratory

The studio's strategy is to invest in knowledge and equipment. We purchase and test all the latest CGI market innovations to create new content formats for your business.
Our goal is to pioneer new media formats and stay at the forefront of innovation. From VTubing and Reels to neural network art, we respond to these trends swiftly and assist brands in implementing them. Development is carried out in three main directions:
New Media Formats
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The character graphics department conducts research in the field of hyper-realism, fine-tuning every detail of avatars and creating unique lifelike characters.
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For several years now, we have been building a team with a deep understanding of the Unreal Engine. Game graphics are already suitable for creating media products, and we maximize the engine's potential, inventing new, fast content formats.
Unreal engine
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Our motion capture laboratory constantly tests and refines available mocap technologies. ITSALIVE builds the perfect animation pipeline at the intersection of technology and artistic mastery.
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