digital avatars. what are they used for?
04 January 2024
The computer graphics industry has long been striving to create a virtual copy of a human being. Leaders in this field are traditionally computer games and cinema, where avatars help to realize bold plot ideas. But the availability of 3D people is growing, and today our studio often develops virtual copies of real people not related to games and cinema on demand.

imagine relaxing while your digital twin conducts a webinar

It's all about the synergy of technologies. As of the time of writing this article, the synthesis of speech, realistic facial expressions, and movements without a large team of animators is finally becoming a reality. This means that your avatar can produce regular content with a large duration, and it doesn't require a huge team of specialists. For example, imagine relaxing while your digital twin conducts a webinar. A 3D avatar is much more flexible than a neural network virtual copy; it can change appearance features, perform complex movements, and participate in shoots, all of which are not yet available for images of people generated by neural networks.
Elon Musk, R’n’D project | ITSALIVE 2021

The possibilities are clear, but why exactly are 3D doubles needed? And in which areas can they be useful? We identify at least 6 themes:
Business and Commerce
The image of a person, similar to a real one, increases empathy in customers, and subsequently loyalty to the brand. For example, the world-famous company P&G uses Yumi, a digital skin care specialist, and reports that it increases conversion by 4.6 times, customer satisfaction by 2.3%, and the number of purchases by 2 times. Digital copies definitely help businessmen.
A digital copy can be a virtual assistant in education, answer questions after lectures, act as a teacher's assistant. Forget the teacher's phrase "There are many of you, but I am alone." Creating a digital human will save the real teacher's energy and help students understand the subject faster and easier.
Vadim Belov biodigital copy | ITSALIVE 2023

Digital copies can relieve doctors of the technical part of their work and allow them to devote time and energy only to situations where the machine is still powerless. What else? Assistance in consultations, informing patients about health risks, communicating with patients about diseases. In the future, avatars will take all these stages off the shoulders of medical workers.
The profession of a call center operator is soon at risk of disappearing - virtual ones will replace real "talking heads". A digital copy can provide services in many areas, from finance to the public sector, and also speak dozens of languages, adjust speech or voice to the client's desires, and never repeat its mistakes.
By launching a video game or immersing ourselves in the metaverse, we imagine ourselves in the place of the main characters. The development of virtual people will help us not even have to strain our imagination: on the screen are almost real people, or perhaps specifically us.
Social Networks and Shows
Digital people can host events, consistently please their subscribers with content, and generally entertain the audience in ways real people often cannot. No boundaries and limitations: digital bloggers, content creators, and "stars" can do everything.
ITSALIVE studio has been developing virtual avatars and mascots since 2020. We have created many digital [entities] for social networks, shows, and business. Contact us and we will come up with a new interesting application for a virtual copy together.