The first stream with the brand's VTuber
04 January 2024
On August 31st, the first stream in the VITUBING format took place. EM.VI - The virtual avatar of the M.VIDE brand went live to talk about gadgets, chat with subscribers, and converse with guests. This is the first stream with an avatar in extended reality (XR) in Russia. The creation of the avatar and the live broadcast were fully facilitated by ITSALIVE studio.

The virtual stream format is a new genre in computer graphics, made possible by Real Time rendering technologies. The avatar speaks and moves within the frame just like a real person. The VTuber reads viewers' messages and responds in real-time.

Thanks to specially developed software, motion capture technologies, and AI speech processing models, M.V was able to independently conduct the live broadcast and interact with subscribers. The R&D department of ITSALIVE and M.Video customized the Unreal Engine game engine over two months to achieve streaming video with realistic quality and a frame rate of 25fps. The VTuber not only received a realistic appearance, correct simulation of hair and clothing but also responded to questions live, without being a 2D avatar or a pre-recorded 3D model.

The stream was based at the TDS virtual production studio.

EM.VI, a real-time rendered version | ITSALIVE 2021