Who are the virtual bloggers and why are they better than the real ones?

We will tell you about the perfect bloggers who never get tired, who don’t refuse and… don’t exist.

Virtual bloggers and influencers differ from the real ones only by the fact that they are created with the help of computer graphics. In other terms, they are exactly the same: they work and rest, get sad and have fun, publish posts and stories, garner likes and comments, regularly talk about themselves and, more importantly, about brands. Yes, these are not real people, but ‘characters.’ So to speak, their rival online is also just some images. The first virtual influencers are considered to be the Gorillaz group that appeared in the late 90s, even before any social networks were created. 2-D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russell Hobbs were just drawn characters, but they still intrigued their fans, sold albums and gathered concerts. In order to influence people and make money they didn’t even have to run a blog. In the early 2020s almost all influencers have a blog. Lil Miquela lives in Los Angeles listens to fashion music and advertises Calvin Klein and Prada to her 3-million audience.

Noonoouri is a model that looks like a cartoon, he participates in Gucci and Versace shows and regularly publishes content for almost 400 thousand followers.

Tik Tok Rapper FN Meka has more than 10 million followers and about 130 million likes, and he is not even a man, he’s a robot.

Virtual bloggers vs. real ones

A virtual blogger is an animated character created by CGI-technologies. Which means you don’t only have to promote it (as an alive or, rather, a real blogger), but first, create it. There are different companies that make such virtual characters, mainly the graphics studios. One of the most successful among them is ITS ALIVE. It makes hyper realist models that are suitable for both social networks and brand advertising.

ITS ALIVE studio created Aneli Godar, a rebel girl, a feminist, a lover of provocative performances and delicious food. Aneli eats the Russian salad, sitting on the floor in front of her fridge, and instant noodles, sitting in the train car. She’s just like anyone else, but digital. And everyone following her can see a bit of himself in her. So is it really important that Aneli does not physically exist?

The development of a virtual character costs money. But if the character is successful with the people, this money pays off. Plus such character is deprived of any human flaws.

Why are the virtual bloggers better than the real ones?

  1. They don’t require extra expenses,such as hiring a stylist, a makeup artist or a driver.
  2. They aren’t afraid of anything and never get tired. They can fly into space. Even at 3 am.
  3. They can do anything and they know everything.If a contract requires they will succeed in sports or will be geniuses in science.
  4. They can be anywhere anytime. Today they are watching a movie in Moscow, tomorrow they are at a concert in Vladivostok.
  5. They create more implicating content.Blog involvement of Lil Miquela is 2.7%, which is 2% higher than on average.
And most importantly, virtual bloggers make money. Millions of dollars that Lil Miquela and Noonoouri earn, go to their creators. And this money, in contrast to the characters, is quite real.




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