Clothing is a huge part of the digital world. The appearance of virtual things is limited only by the imagination of the owner. Our digital-fashion department develops any kind of clothing, from experimental NFTs to High Fashion models, tailored according to the patterns of couture houses


The designer is developing a prototype of the future suit. Here the process is no different from the classic fashion industry.


The technologist lays out the sketch on bluepriints. Virtual seams are assigned along which the product will be assembled.

3D layout

A rough draft of a garment is created. We use a virtual fabric with a high density of mesh (Particle distance) to get a result indistinguishable from a photo.

Fabric Creation

We create high-resolution materials using scanning of real fabrics and procedural generation.We create high-resolution materials using real tissue scanning and procedural generation.


At this stage, the folds and the behavior of free areas of the fabric are simulated.


Key chains and fasteners modeled in 3d are added.


The most difficult stage is setting up small parts and polishing the model. The final product should not contain creases and other artifacts that give out graphics.

Fabric Simulation

The costume is put on the avatar and prepared for animation.

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