Each avatar is a unique digital personality, created by us from scratch according to a pre-verified sketch. To achieve maximum realism, we divided the creation process into several technological stages


At the first stage of the process, the character’s identity is laid. We assign a personality and develop a backstory, collecting references and preparing sketches of the character from all profiles.


Placing a blank head template at the centre of the model helps maintain anatomical proportions and provides for realistic skin lighting later on in the artistic process.

Head sculpting

The face is the most difficult object for humans to visually reproduce. A 3D sculptor creates a high-poly model of the head and then retopologises it.

Body sculpting

The avatar’s body is then assembled. We customise absolutely everything, from the subject’s weight and posture to the width of the subject’s knuckles.


The avatar is then prepared for animation. Our animated skeleton comprises more than 1,600 bones that can be made to reflect any movement and emotion.

Emotion test

A static model does not convey all the nuances of a human’s appearance. Animators, therefore, see how well the model depicts 50+ emotions.

Shader settings

The avatar’s skin tone and other properties are selected at this stage.


An individualised 8,000 pixel resolution skin is drawn for each avatar. Not only the face, but every part of the body is worked out to the finest detail.


The animator creates the avatar’s hairline, preparing 5-10 hairstyles in advance to meet the needs of different situations.

Final assembly

The avatar is now ready and it is time to start the production. We will now sew a digital wardrobe, record movements, and create virtual worlds for our characters.

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