We produce video content of any format. Whether it's a Tik-Tok video or a short film. Thanks to our own rig system, our avatars move and behave like real people, and the combination of CGI and classic production allows us to embody the most unusual ideas.

Full body capture

At first we recold the animation. We use the most advanced motion capture suits with optical sensors.

ITSALIVE body rig

IT'S ALIVE body animation system contains more than 700 bone controllers. Such a complex skeleton provides lively and natural movements of the avatar.

ITSALIVE facial rig

Our facial rig consists of 800 bones and allows you to reflect the smallest nuances of human facial expressions. The pain of parting, the fear of the exam, the joy of making a purchase – our avatar can show the same range of emotions as a person.

Animation preparation

The motion data is transferred directly to our character, the avatar in the frame comes to life. But to achieve the perfect result, manual refinement and cleaning of the glitches is required.


We model the univerces for our heroes. We also set up the camera, lighting and interaction objects.

Cloth simulation

The behavior of the fabric is a separate important stage of production. We use a physically correct simulation to achieve maximum realism.


Rendering tools adapt to the task. We achieve maximum realism with the help of a physically correct CPU render or use a fast RealTime engine.

Special effects

The final touch is color correction and adding effects.

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