Which engine should you create a Metaverse with? 

Let us tell you about the advantages of Unreal Engine 5.0

You cannot create a realistic world for a Metaverse or a video game without a decent engine. Such engine is a working environment that manages all of the elements of your digital world. The more advanced, the newer, the more functional the engine is, the more realistic your virtual world production becomes. One of the best engines today is Unreal Engine 5.0, introduced this spring by the Epic Games Company, 2 years after the announcement. The developers say that it will become the most popular tool for digital worlds creation, raising computer graphics to a cinema level and making the work process much easier. ITSALIVE Company uses Unreal Engine 5.0 for the Metaverse production of ‘2040’. The capacities used are: — Materials. The engine gives color, transparency, shininess and any other parameters that you can add to any objects, even micro parts. This is much more than just a texture setting. — Animation. Animation Blueprint script simplifies the process of making patterns for movements of the character without using any coding. Virtual worlds development becomes easier and your characters run, jump and fly like real people. — Sound. Adjust sound effects the way you need, cycle melodies, control the tone at every new reproduction of music and work with several effects simultaneously. — Particles system. Cascade system allows you to create sparkles, explosions, snow, rain and any other visual effects needed. Change the particles size, path, speed and organize them as a system. — Artificial intelligence. The one that you can trust minor characters solutions. A great tool will enable even the beginners to set algorithms of necessary actions. It is called Behavior Trees, and it does not require writing a code. Metaverse creation has never been that easy. Large-scale functionality is not the only advantage of Unreal Engine 5.0. — Nanite Technology allows you to import models of cinema quality of million polygons. — Lumen Technology allows you to create a dynamic light that will change in real time. — Visual programming enables even the beginners to succeed in virtual worlds development. — Cross-platforming enables users with different gaming gadgets and platforms to offer their own content. Having such functionality and advantages there is no doubt that Unreal Engine 5.0 is a perfect tool to create future masterpieces.

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