We create virtual humans to improve real life

What we do?

We are creating a virtual avatar – a brand representative who will take B2C communication to a new level. A digital person surpasses a living ambassador: his appearance is perfect, he does not get tired and can create content 24/7. The avatar becomes the property of the brand, it can be managed, placed in any space and time. The brand gets an ultimate communication tool with unlimited possibilities.

Why we do it?

Every person has a social need for communication. People don’t want to trust logos, they want to communicate with faces. An avatar is a person with his own unique history, the same person, but from the Metaverse. A virtual influencer allows you to engage people in a much easier way

How do we get there?

We are running full-cycle Digital production: from ideas and concepts to hyperrealistic avatars with clothes and all of the surroundings. Our avatars move, speak, and do all the same things as a living person.

Nowadays companies need new customers more than ever. The virtual influencer is a perfect bridge to younger generation, which already lives in the same meta world that an avatar does

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