Vadim Belov

CEO / Founder

2 years ago we realised that the 3D graphics market is starting to stagnate so we can bring a new fresh wave into it. This is how the idea to create a studio completely focused on the creation of avatars appeared. Today we have built the fastest production line for creating highly realistic virtual people in the world. And this is just the beginning.


Kirill Peskov
Creative dir.
Aleksandra Shahmatova
Creative prod.
Yulya Bashkova
Nikita Topalov
Head of UE Dept
Anjelika Larina
Tech lead / Supervisor
Ruslan Nagaev
Head of Animation
Aleksey Pashevin
Head of VFX
Aleksandr Birukov
IT Lead


Filipp Balayan
3D Lead
Mariya Rasskazova
3D Sculptor
Georgiy Berdov
Cinematic director
Olga Zhuravleva
Animation Engineer
Sophia Sivec
Unreal Artist
Vladislav Kuznetsov
Unreal Artist
Ivan Grishin
Compositing Lead
Shevtsov Aleksandr
Lighting Lead
Anton Melnikov
Animation Artist
Knyazev Andrey
Tech Animation Artist
Rasul Kamilov
Animation Artist
Aleksandr Papadopulos
Animation Artist
Pavel Kapustin
Cinematic artist
Sergey Chekmarev
Marketing Partner
Alina Suslova
Business Partner
Ekaterina Luzhkina
Content Manager
Bahadir Zufarov
Compositing Supervisor
Olga Degtyareva
Texturing Artist
Aleksandr Grigoryev
Modeling Artist
Veronika Suhova
Animation Artist
Timur Umarov
Animation Artist

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